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In the eye care and ophthalmology area one name is synonymous for perfection and reputation for high degree of professionalism isBoothe Laser Center. Not just in Texas several people and celebrities are familiar with this name and the contribution of Dr William Boothe in the areas of vision correction and vision restoration achieved legendary proportions. Dr William Boothe is a well known Eye surgeon not just in Texas circles but a pioneer in introducing some latest technological tools in the area of Ophthalmology and became a familiar name in the international Ophthalmology circles.
Boothe Laser Center is a land mark address in the city of Texas as scores of people with eye sight problems took advantage of the latest surgical procedures and widened their vision in the literal sense of the world. Due to several reasons like changes in food and eating habits coupled with stress and strain of exposing the eye to computer monitors and Television sets several young adults are experiencing the problems with their eye sights Whether in terms of reading or blurred vision in watching long distance objects. There are several ways of correcting the problem. Some foods really help in correcting and regulating the eye sight.
But once the problem reaches a stage where the help of a qualified ophthalmologist is required and one should not neglect any disorder pertaining to eye. Several people feel uncomfortable to wear prescribed spectacles and progressive glasses. Some people feel there would be a problem with their looks and in other cases where sports personalities and celebrities are involved wearing glasses or contact lenses would be a problem in their professional life. Hence Dr Boothe standardized laser based micro surgeries and specialized in highly technical surgical procedure called LASIK technique. Cornea is the main area of visual problems and impairments and by reshaping the surface of the Cornea surgically is the latest and highly sophisticated procedures mastered inBoothe Laser Center. For any organization especially in the areas of medical field the people behind the organization stand like a back bone and provide necessary strength to the organization. Dr Boothe is synonymous with eye surgeries and restoration of vision. He published number of papers in this particular area in some of the most reputed international journals.
The patients who visit this clinic often feel really comfortable and the testimonials presented by several followers are the acid test to check the quality of the services of Boothe Laser Center. This organization has one of the most friendly websites with great insights would definitely help the patients in reaching correct destination.





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